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Yahya Hookah Foil

Yahya Hookah Foil

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Yahya Aluminum Hookah Foil package contains 20 sheets of heavy-duty circular shape aluminum hookah foil. The sheets are not pre-punched and don't have any perforations. Some hookah enthusiasts prefer to poke or punch the aluminum sheets to manage the heat and the airflow according to their setup.

Cover the top of your hookah bowl with one of the Yahya aluminum foil sheets. Make sure to have the shiny side down. These hookah foils are convenient and easy to use. They come in a small box, travel package size.

Each circular sheet measures around 5" in diameter and will fit most hookah bowls.

  • 20 sheets precut circular shape.
  • Thickness: 0.38mm.
  • Diameter 5 inches.
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