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Al Fakher

Shisha Kartel

Shisha Kartel

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Ride with the gang or get out! The Shisha Kartel team looks to grab the best new brand of 2023 award with their highly anticipated flavor series release. After years of development and several rounds of feedback sessions held around the world, these 6 flavors have been tweaked to perfection.

Shisha Kartel was born and handcrafted in Dubai. These premium golden leaves will produce excellent smoke output in any style of hookah bowl and HMD combo.

The team behind Shisha Kartel is a well-known tobacco manufacturer Al Fakher. Shisha Kartel wants to bring everyone with them on a ride to the top, so their easy-to-use tobacco can be enjoyed at any level of hookah smoker. This collection is crafted with the use of a proprietary blend of flue cured golden leaf tobacco, which gives you more flavor and longer smoke sessions.

There is no dye used in any of their flavors, just pure tobacco and natural flavoring that can only be found with the Kartel.

You can use any style of hookah bowl accessory with this shisha and enjoy smoke sessions up to 2 hours long. We like to use phunnel hookah bowls with our session but have experienced tasty smokes with a traditional Egyptian hookah bowl.

The 250g box is currently their largest available size and provides you with enough shisha for 10 to 15 bowls depending on how you prepare your sessions.

  • Bullets or Benjamins - Melon enjoyers delight, blending watermelon, Honeydew, and sweet pomegranate with a cooling essence.
  • Capo Dei Capi - A unique creamy, tingly flavor that reminds us of a classic Vanilla Soda Float.
  • Guilty Gang - A creative mix of Tangy Lemon and sweet pear with a cool icy inhale.
  • Krazee Kombo - If you’re looking for something utterly insane, you’ve found it –a violently cool blend of strawberry, raspberry and peach iced tea.
  • Money Madness Sweet mocha meets an even sweeter marshmallow to create.....MADNESS
  • Sexy Sheba - Cold as ice and hot as hell, Sexy Sheba is an irresistible mix of cooling mango and passionfruit.
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