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Mya QT

Mya QT

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MYA QT hookah is a high-quality S-Class hookah packaged in a Wire Basket, making it easy to carry along with you. The portable and durable hookah is one of the top hookahs in the market of its kind. QT Hookah is one of our most popular hookahs, providing high quality at a low price. Big things can come in small packages, and the Mya QT proves it. 

Mya QT features various colors (Amber, Dark Blue, Green, Grey, Olive Green, Pink, Purple, Sky Blue), molded aluminum stem, classic glass base and comes in a round black basket. Height: 14 inches.

It comes in a Mya Hookah silver color cage and includes glass base, stem, ash tray, tongs, ceramic bowl and a matching leather hose. 

At Mya Hookah, the cost does not determine our commitment to bring quality to all our customers.

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