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Khalil Mamoon Safari Kora 22 inches

Khalil Mamoon Safari Kora 22 inches

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The Khalil Mamoon Safari Kora is a small single-hosed traditional hookah. It is 22 inches tall. 

Manufacturer item number 2324

All genuine KM hookahs are handmade in a traditional manner ensuring they last for years. They provide an exceptional smoking experience allowing for maximum airflow. Enjoy blowing plumes of smoke. This KM hookah embodies all the distinctive features of an authentic KM brand.


  • 22 inches tall
  • Hand-made stem with an authentic finish
  • Small KM hose with wooden handle
  • Package includes: Glass Base, Stem, Tray, Clay Bowl, Hose, Grommets, Tongs, Base brush, Stem brush.

Important to note:

Khalil Mamoon hookahs are hand-made and not mass produced. Individual attention in crafting may result in variations in detail from the hookah pictured. Subtle stylistic differences in welding (including weld spots), finish, and hose and glass color are purely aesthetic and will in no way affect how well Khalil Mamoon hookahs will smoke.

Weld marks, minor scuffs and scratched on the stem or other marks which may occur from bending the metal such as on the top of the hose port is normal. Some hookahs contain visible weld lines or unpolished metal at the welds. Glass bases (Vases) are hand painted and may have slight variations from glass to glass. 

Glass base design and color may vary from picture
Hose color may vary from picture
Stem color and design may vary slightly from picture


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