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Grapefruit Hookah Bowl

Grapefruit Hookah Bowl

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Check out this latest addition to the line of hookah bowls! The Grapefruit Hookah Bowl has this uniquely design of a shape of a Grapefruit head. The outside material is made of durable and thick silicone. This unique bowl features a phunnel whirlwind glass design. It can fit 15g to 25g of shisha. This unique bowl has it all.

  • Phunnel (funnel) design with a wide gauge inner opening.
  • Whirlwind glass design to withhold the heat.
  • Thick silicone material in the shape of a grapefruit bowl.
  • Fits easily on top of the hookah stem and comes in 2 sizes.
  • Large Size: Diameter of 4 inches and Height of 3 inches.
  • Medium Size: Diameter of 3.5 inches and Height of 2 inches.

This amazing hookah bowl design will provide a smooth and long hookah session.

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