What is Pan? Pan shisha flavor

What is PAAN or PAN?

What is Paan or Pan?

Paan is a traditional mouth sweetener consumed in many parts of South and Southeast Asia, namely in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. It’s a chewing blend, a freshener, a digestive aid, and a symbol of hospitality, that's Paan!

Paan, is a preparation that consists of betel leaf filled with areca nut, slaked lime paste, and other ingredients such as spices (cardamom and saffron), and sometimes sweeteners such as raisins, candied fruit. Paan is often chewed after a meal as a natural digestive support and palate cleanser, or as a stimulant to produce a mild euphoria.

Paan has a very distinct taste and aroma. Paan is now infused in powdered drink mixes and sweet shots. There are many different ways to enjoy the Paan flavor and shisha being our favorite!

Paan Betel Leaf Chewing Blend Pan flavor

What to Expect from Pan Shisha?

Pan shisha flavor combines the flavors of betel leaves, various aromatic spices and sweet elements and certain ones have hints of mint. When you smoke Pan flavored shisha you will expect a blend of sweet, herbal, floral and spicy notes to create a complex and layered smoking experience.

With many hookah tobacco brands that started offering the Pan flavored shisha and its different variations, you can expect that the general flavor notes tend to stay within the same range. You will usually be greeted with a betel leaf flavor tones at the forefront, added to some sweet and spice notes. Some Pan flavors lean more on the sweet notes, while others tend to be more spice dominant, and some are just in between. These are the most common and recognizable flavor notes and the give a lively and floral vibe.

Afzal Pan RaasAfzal Bombay Pan Masala

Top shisha brands that offer Pan flavors:

Afzal hookah tobacco is manufactured in India and has built its reputation on the multitude of Pan shisha flavors that it offers. Other shisha brands worth mentioning are: Mazaya Tobacco, NU Tobacco, Al Waha and Soex Herbal Shisha.

Mazaya Pan RaasNU Tobacco PanAfzal Pan TwistAfzal Special Pan

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