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What is Herbal Shisha?

What is Herbal Shisha?

Traditionally, the hookah shisha tobacco is made from cuts of different types of tobacco leaves mixed with some of these different ingredients like flavored molasses, honey, sugar syrup, natural flavors and vegetable glycerin. However, there’s another type of shisha that is made without tobacco leaves but instead with other types of herbs or ingredients that are tobacco free and nicotine free which is known as herbal shisha.

What is Herbal Shisha made of?

The traditional hookah shisha main ingredient is the tobacco leaf that’s picked from the different varieties of tobacco plants, such as the Virginia Tobacco leaf, that are suitable for the manufacturing of hookah shisha. On the other hand, the herbal shishas are made by using other alternatives such as sugar cane pulp, tea leaves and pieces of dried fruit. 

Reasons to smoke Herbal Shisha

Some may ask why smoke herbal shisha when you can enjoy the traditional hookah tobacco shisha with the many brands that offer countless mixes and flavors. Herbal shisha offers the same experience without the nicotine that’s associated with smoking tobacco. If you want to smoke nicotine free and tobacco free shisha, try out the herbal shisha. Some hookah lovers may not like the buzz or the head rush when smoking traditional hookah shisha and want something that may be a bit healthier. Discovering new alternatives to the nicotine heavy tobacco will not take away from the hookah smoking experience. You will still enjoy the same flavors and thick white clouds that the herbal shisha offers.

There are many brands in the market such as Tanya Herbal Shisha, Hydro Herbal Shisha, Fantasia Herbal Hookah, Urth Tree. 

Urth Tree Herbal Shisha

How to smoke Herbal Shisha

Herbal shisha can be smoked like the regular hookah shisha. It can be loaded in any type of hookah bowls and fluff packed loosely.  Any hookah setup will work using an HMD or hookah foil with natural coals or quick lights as long as there’s enough heat transferring through. It smokes normally like the traditional shisha. If the herbal shisha contains lot of juices, it is best advised to use a phunnel bowl. 

Conclusion and Recommendations

Herbal shisha might be the answer to many hookah enthusiasts that are looking to break from the nicotine dependence and withdrawals. It may also be the best option for beginners that want to ease into smoking hookah shisha. It will not generate the head rush and nicotine buzz that many hookah smokers complain from. Currently, in many cities and states hookah shisha and tobacco products are banned and it may be the only alternative for hookah lovers. If you got thus far reading this article, we encourage you to give it a try. It maybe your new favorite way to smoke hookah.

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