Tips on how to smoke hookah

Tips on how to smoke hookah

Tips on how to smoke Hookah

First and foremost, smoke your hookah slowly and try to pace yourself. Inhale through the hose with a full breath but not to an excess and do it with a normal speed. Strong inhale will only overheat the shisha so that all you taste is a burning flavor.

How to Smoke Hookah

In order to avoid any dizziness, lightheaded feeling or shisha drunk the first time you smoke shisha, wait around a minute between every inhale.

Drink enough water before and during smoking a hookah. It's advised to drink water or a cup of mint tea in order to keep your mouth moisturized. If you don’t, you will not be able to taste the fruity shisha smoke. Stay hydrated because hookah smoking can stiffen the arteries.

Moreover, do not smoke on an empty stomach. Eat some snacks such as dried fruits when you are smoking shisha. If you are a beginner, you are suggested not work out right before or after smoking. Also limit the number of sessions to a minimum once or twice a week and gradually increase the number of sessions.

Most hookah sessions will last for around 30 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the bowl, if it's a phunnel bowl or a traditional Egyptian bowl and the frequency and speed of inhales. The quality of the shisha smoke will decrease if the equipment is at poor quality or if you smoke it too fast. So, move the natural charcoals every 10 minutes. Tap the charcoal pieces using the hookah tongs so that the ash build up would fall out. Turn the charcoal pieces around the bowl and flip them.

If you notice that smoke is coming out from the bowl that means the tobacco is burning fast and the bowl has overheated. Put aside the charcoals and let the hookah bowl cools down.

It's very important not to forget to clean your hookah after you use it. Dirt and smoke residue inside the hookah stem and the base will reduce the quality of your hookah and will leave a bad smell for your next hookah session.

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