Al Fakher States of Taste flavors

States of Taste - New Shisha by Al Fakher

Al Fakher has released three new flavors of shisha as part of their new collection ‘States of Taste’. Flavors that will remind you of home: California Citrus Breeze, Georgia Peach Pie and Florida Orange Creamsicle!

Al Fakher States of Taste New Flavors

Al Fakher is a leading shisha brand, and they go above and beyond to bring a new range of mouthwatering flavors. In 2023 they launched the highly anticipated Shisha Kartel, and towards the end of that same year they released new States of Taste Al Fakher flavors.

Continue reading as we discuss more in depth these mind-blowing flavors.


California Citrus Breeze

Al Fakher California Citrus Breeze

Experience the refreshing blend of fresh orange, tangy lemon and ripe grapefruit in Al Fakher California Citrus Breeze. With a dash of invigorating mint, take a stroll through the golden state’s sun-kissed citrus groves.

Transport your senses to the picturesque landscapes of the golden state with the fruity citrus notes and the aromatic infusion of blooming roses in this refreshing flavor. This zesty trio of ​citrus flavors is perfectly blended with a hint of mint, creating a flavor combination that will remind you of the California breeze.


Florida Orange Creamsicle

Al Fakher Florida Orange Creamsicle

Get ready to be captivated by the citrusy taste of Florida's oranges blended with the velvety sweetness of vanilla. The Florida Orange Creamsicle new flavor will surely transport your taste buds on an unforgettable adventure.

The delicious zest of orange and creaminess of the luscious of vanilla are perfectly balanced in this extraordinary flavor combination.


Georgia Peach Pie

Al Fakher Georgia Peach Pie

An amazing fusion of Georgia's sweet, ripe peaches, mixed with crisp green apple and intricate notes of ​jasmine. Yet, the Georgia Peach Pie flavor has more to offer. Lurking in the background of this blend there are notes of vanilla, coconut, and plum. Mixed in perfect harmony, this enjoyable new flavor will take you on a sensational journey through the heart of Georgia. 


These three new flavors are available in 2 sizes: 250g and 50g. They come in distinctive and elegant packaging design. The States of Flavor will transform your hookah setup to a new level. Enjoy!


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