Adalya Tobacco Flavors Explained

Adalya Tobacco Flavors Explained

Ingredients and Color:

Adalya Premium Hookah Tobacco is made from only the highest quality ingredients including Virginia leaf blonde tobacco, vegetable glycerin, molasses, and all-natural flavoring additives. Adalya is a premium blonde leaf hookah tobacco that provides great taste and big smoke clouds. It offers exotic and creative hookah blends to choose from. It’s recognizable by its red dye and bold shisha flavors with little nicotine hit. Adalya Shisha is a solid hookah tobacco for any level of hookah smoker from beginner to hookah enthusiast.

Adalya Tobacco new flavors

Exotic Hookah Shisha Flavors:

Popular for its unique and creative mixed flavors and shisha blends, Adalya Tobacco has caught the attention of hookah enthusiasts around the world with flavors like Love 66, Lady Killer and SkyFall. Other amazing mixes include the exotic Hawaii, Blue Dragon, Blue MLN, Mi Amor, Delons and Baku Nights. Adalya is a little different than your traditional shisha brands like Al Fakher by providing hookah flavors craved by hookah enthusiasts. Try these new shisha blends and see what you have been missing out on!

Angel Lips: The taste of juicy aromatic watermelon, gradually revealing in the sweetness of ripe blackberry, complemented by the mint.

Bagdadi: This blend of grape, berry, peach with hint of mint will become a household staple.

Baku Nights: The assortment of fruit flavors mixed with sweet peppermint is crisp and sweet. The peppermint backs the fruit to create something refreshing and delightful.

Berlin Nights: The simple yet delicious combination of a juicy peach with an herbal cool mint.

Blueberry's: Combines a natural blueberry with menthol.

Blue Dragon: Blends the full-bodied tart yet sweet dragon fruit and blueberry flavors.

Blue Orange: The blueberry and orange flavors fight for control of your taste buds and together they make a definite winner.

Blue MLN: Combines the fresh melon, tart blueberry, and is topped off with refreshing menthol.

Delons: Sweet, sweet double melon with cooling ice.

English Lord: The mesmerizing flavors of peach, mango, raspberry and mint will bring you a royal sensation.

Exagelado: Mixes the sweet grape and the famous lemon mint flavor just the right way.

Grape: A luscious journey through sun-kissed vineyards. Each inhale is a delightful embrace of the authentic, juicy flavors of plump grapes.

Grape Mint: Experience the exquisite fusion of juicy grapes and cool mint in Adalya's Grape Mint. As you draw, the sugary essence of sun-kissed grapes pairs seamlessly with the crisp undertones of mint, creating a balance that is both refreshing and satisfying.

Gum Mint: This blend of Adalya Gum Mint melds the sweetness of bubblegum with the crisp, cooling essence of mint for a full breath of fresh exhilaration.

Havana: Let your taste buds try the wonderful world of Havana. A beautiful mix of strawberry, orange and mint flavors.

Hawaii: Blends the sweet mango, tropical pineapple, and cooling menthol.

Jamaican Vibes: Pear, Strawberry and Menthol.

JK777: Acai, the aroma of a rare berry from faraway South America is taking over the shisha world. Adalya paired it with the beloved grape mint. Smooth acai berry with the already popular grape mint shisha is a must-try.

Lady Killer: Brings an impressive blend of honeydew melon, mango, berries, and mint. This is the second most popular Adalya flavor.

Lemon Mint: Classic Lemon with Mint.

Love 66: This shisha flavor is a tropical mix of passion fruit, honeydew melon, watermelon, and mint. The top seller of all Adalya flavors by far.

Madagascar Nights: Blended together by Adalya is a delicious ripe fresh lychee with menthol. The lychee is sweet and succulent leaving a delicious aftertaste.

MNG TNG: Also known as Mango Tango. By combining tropical sweet mango and an aromatic passion fruit, Adalya creates a sweet and enjoyable blend.

Mi Amor: A crazy tropical shisha mix from Adalya of juicy pineapple, ripe banana and refreshing menthol. Your new love from Adalya.

Mint: The perfect taste of fresh mint in each breath ensures a pleasant experience. 

Orange Mint: The traditional Orange Mint flavor finally added by Adalya.

Sky Fall: A mouthwatering blend of sweet peach, juicy watermelon, and mint awaits you.

Strawberry Splash: The perfect mix of strawberry, banana with a hint of ice.

The Two Apples: The traditional anise flavor is a staple of any shisha brand.

Watermelon: You will feel the aroma of watermelon and the freshness of summer in each puff.

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